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Indian Restaurant | established 1954

Opening times

The Agra Indian Restaurant is open for lunch every day except Sunday

12:00 – 14:30

We’re also open every evening

18:00 – 10:30

Contact us

137 Whitfield Street

London W1T 5EL

Telephone 0207 387 8833

Come eat with us on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday in August and you’ll get 50% off your food bill. The maximum discount each person can receive is £10 per meal. The discount doesn’t apply to alcoholic drinks or service charges.

Whatever way you look at it, that’s a great deal!

Examples of how Eat Out to Help Out works

For a group of 4

The bill for you and 3 other diners in your group, for food and non alcoholic drinks, comes to £85 (not including any service charges).You’d each get the maximum discount of £10 per person, so you’d only pay £45.00 (plus any service charges).

If you're dining on your own

You spend £15 on food and £5 on beer. The total bill before any service charge is £20.00. You get 50% discount on the food, but you have to pay for the alcoholic drinks yourself. So, in this example, you’d pay £12.50 plus any service charge.

You can now order our food for delivery. Take a look at our page on Just Eat


michele d
michele d
Good traditional Indian restaurant Not many of these left - good traditional Indian at fantastic prices in this part of the west end. Service is excellent. Been there a couple of times and will go back.
Highly recommend Only visited for a takeaway but the service was outstanding and the food fantastic. Wouldn't hesitate to visit again if staying in the area and would highly recommend
Excellent Indian cuisine, great service We’ve used the Agra before when we’ve stayed in Fitzrovia but not for a few years. In the past we’ve enjoyed the excellent cuisine and friendly service and we weren’t disappointed this time. There’s a wide range of typical dishes, well cooked and speedily served. This is a family run modest little place; quite a rarity for central London so don’t expect designer decor but do expect good food at reasonable prices.
Fraser P
Fraser P
So very happy I found the Agra The Agra is the best Indian food I have found in London. The restaurant is a good, traditional Indian restaurant owned and managed by a lovely couple who provide excellent service and a warm, friendly greeting on arrival. The food is superb, well-priced and caters to all tastes with a variety of levels of spice. I cannot recommend this restaurant more warmly and I am a long-term fan having been a customer over the last 5 years
Delicious! We were so pleased to find this little restaurant close to where we were staying in Fitzrovia. The food was absolutely delicious and the service was excellent. The surroundings were a little bit tired but that didn't matter at all.
Nice cosy place. We went to dinner at this little restaurant without reservation. We had to wait few minutes for a free table, but they took our order. So when we were seated, the food was almost ready. The place might look a little outdated when it comes to decoration, but we liked it that way. We came to eat, not to stare at the walls. Food and service was very nice.
Very nice Food all super nice, service super sweet - adapted a couple of dishes for me to suit my dietary requirements without me having to ask Restaurant was totally empty when we got there which was fab - it’s a bit hidden so I don’t think they ever get super busy Portions are not super massive though and prices a bit high - only reason I didn’t give the 5 ⭐️
Vivek Arora
Vivek Arora
Decent Restaurant This is very near to Radisson hotel and underground.. Decent hotel - Food is good, no complaints in the food.. found more close to authentic as compared to other restaurants in UK, where they have more sweet gravy than authentic tangy taste .. worth visit once ..
Fresh, delicious food at a reasonable price We ordered takeaway from our hotel. Only had a couple minutes to wait when we arrived for our freshly prepared food. Nice sized portions, delicious tasting food. We even got crisps with sauces that are normally served while you wait at the restaurant in our takeaway bag!
Another lovely local Indian restaurant This is a popular and well known restaurant which has been going for over 50 years. The food is good too.

About Agra

We’ve had a bit of a facelift, but, as many of you already know, The Agra Indian Restaurant has been preparing traditional tandoori and curry dishes since 1954. We’ve be in the same place on Whitfield Street in Fitzrovia for the entire time, in the same family ownership.

Our menu of tandoori and curry dishes is a treasure trove of traditional family recipes that have barely changed since we opened all those years ago.

All our meat dishes are Halal and we also prepare and serve a considerable number of vegetarian dishes. You can read more about The Agra’s speciality dishes below.


Our food

Our main specialities are tandoori dishes. As you’ll see from our original neon signs, when we opened, we were proud to prepare and serve the “The Best Tandoori Chicken Dishes and Seekh Kebab”. We’re just as proud of our traditional tandoori dishes now as we were then.

When you visit us, you can feast on succulent tandoori chicken, seekh kebab, chicken tikka, and mutton tikka. Enjoy them with a freshly made nan or tandoori roti.

As well as tandoori dishes we’ve been serving freshly made and beautifully spiced curries since day one. All our food is specially prepared with finest herbs, spices and fresh ingredients.

We also prepare and serve a wide variety of vegetarian dishes, all made to to the same high standard.

The Agra is fully licensed, so you can enjoy a beer, wine or something a little stronger with your meal.

Our menu

Starter dishes

Our tandoori and speciality starters are freshly prepared to order and we only use the very best ingredients.

Vegetarian starter dishes

Onion Bhaji £3.95

Vegetable Samosa £3.95

Aloo Chat £4.95

Mushroom with Puri £5.75

Meat starter dishes

Tandoori Chicken £5.25

Chicken Tikka £5.75

Tandoori King Prawn £7.50

Lamb Tikka £6.75

Seekh Kebab £6.25

Chicken Chat £5.25

Meat Samosa £4.20

Seafood starter dishes

King Prawn with Puri £12.50

Medium King Prawn curry with deep fried bread

Prawn Bhoona with Puri £9.00

Fairly dry, medium prawn curry with deep fried bread


Plain/Masala Papadom and pickle (per person) £1.50

Plain Raita £2.95

Cucumber Raita £2.95

Salad £2.95

Main course dishes

All prepared with love and care, using fresh herbs and spices. If you don’t see your favourite dish or combination of ingredients, just ask!

Tandoori speciality dishes

These dishes are prepared in our tradition clay Tandoor oven.

Tandoori Chicken Half £9.95 | Full £18.00

Fresh chicken on the bone, marinated in Agra’s special masala sauce and yogurt barbecued on a skewer

Chicken Tikka £9.95

Fresh diced chicken prepared in spices and Barbecued in clay oven

Lamb Tikka £12.50

Fresh lamb pieces garnished with rich home prepared spices and barbecued in clay oven

Sheek Kebab £10.50

Fresh lamb minced with onions & herbs and then barbecued on skewers

Mixed Grill £13.50

Tandoori chicken., Lamb tikka, chicken tikka and sheek kebab

Tandoori King Prawn £13.50

Agra’s speciality, mildly spiced, without shell and cooked in the Tandoor

Chicken Sashlik £13.50

Diced chicken pieces with grilled pepper and onion

Seafood dishes

King Prawn Khorma £13.95

Mild, king prawn dish cooked with cream and coconuts

King Prawn Bhoona £13.95

Fairly dry medium king prawn curry

King Prawn Curry £13.95

Medium curry with extra masala sauce

King Prawn Madras £13.95

Fairly hot king prawn curry

Prawn Khorma £9.50

Mild, prawn dish cooked with Cream and coconuts

Prawn Curry £9.50

Medium curry with extra masala Sauce)

Prawn Saag £9.50

Prawn curry, medium hot, cooked with spinach

Prawn Jalfrezi £9.50

Extremely hot prawn curry, prepared with onions and green peppers

Vegetable curries and bhajis

Our vegetable curries are sauce-base. Bhajis are a dry version of the dish

Mutter Paneer £6.95

Cottage cheese and green peas

Mixed Vegetable Curry £5.50

Brinjal Curry / Bhaji £5.50

Fresh aubergine

Aloo Curry / Bhaji £5.50


Aloo Peas Curry / Bhaji £5.50

Potato and peas

Tarka Daal £5.50

Lentils cooked in spices

Masala Daal £5.50

Extra spicy lentil curry

Bhindi Curry / Bhaji £5.50

Ladies finger/okra

Mushroom Curry / Bhaji £5.50

Cauliflower Bhaji /Aloo Gobi £6.50

Bombay Aloo Bhaji £5.50


Chana Bhaji / Masala £5.50

Chick peas

Saag Aloo £5.50

Potato and spinach

Saag Bhaji £5.50


Mushroom Saag £5.50

Mushroom and spinach

Chana Saag £5.50

Chick peas and spinach

Saag Paneer £6.95

Spinach and cheese

Vegetable Khorma £6.95

Chicken dishes

Chicken Khorma £9.50

Mild, chicken with cream & coconut

Chicken Curry £8.95

Medium chicken cooked in original masala sauce

Chicken Bhuna £9.50

Fairly dry medium chicken curry

Chicken Masala £9.50

Medium chicken prepared in spices

Chicken Dopiazza £9.50

Medium chicken curry with a touch of capsicum, diced fried onions and coriander

Chicken Rogan Gosht £9.50

Medium curry with tomatoes, green peppers & butter

Chicken Saag £9.50

Chicken curry, medium hot, cooked with spinach

Chicken Methi £9.50

Chicken curry, medium hot with dry fenugreek leaves

Chicken Tikka Masala £10.95

Medium hot, diced chicken tikka cooked in sauce and almond

Butter Chicken £9.95

Medium curry, chicken tikka cooked with butter, cream, and masala sauce

Chicken Dhansak £9.50

Hot chicken curry sweet & sour with lentils

Chicken Madras £9.50

Fairly hot chicken curry

Chicken Vindaloo £9.50

Very hot chicken curry

Chicken Naga £9.50

Extremely hot chicken curry

Chicken Jalfrezi £9.50

Extremely hot chicken curry, prepared with onions and green peppers

Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi £9.95

Extremely hot chicken curry, prepared with onions, green chillies and peppers

Kahrai dishes

Named after the wok- like dish they’re cooked and served in – the Kahrai.

Chicken Kahrai £9.95

Lamb Kahrai £10.95

King Prawn Kahrai £13.95

Prawn Kahrai £9.95

Biryani dishes

Combination of rice cooked together with either poultry, lamb, prawns or vegetables. All Biryani dishes are medium spiced and served with vegetable curry dishes.

Classic Biryani dishes

Chicken Biryani £12.75

Lamb Biryani £13.75

King Prawn Biryani £14.95

Prawn Biryani £12.95

Keema Biryani £12.75

Vegetable Biryani £9.95

Egg Biryani £9.95

Agra Special Biryani dishes

Chicken Tikka Biryani £13.25

Tandoori King Prawn Biryani £15.50

Lamb dishes

Lamb Khorma £10.95

Mild, lamb curry with cream & coconut

Lamb Curry £10.95

Medium hot, lamb cooked in original masala sauce

Lamb Bhoona £10.95

Fairly dry medium lamb curry

Lamb Masala £10.95

Medium, lamb prepared in spices)

Lamb Dopiazza £10.95

Medium lamb curry with a touch of capsicum, diced onions and coriander)

Lamb Rogan Gosht £10.95

Medium curry

Lamb Saag £10.95

Lamb curry, medium hot, cooked with spinach

Lamb Methi £10.95

Lamb curry, medium hot

Lamb Tikka Masala £11.25

Medium hot, diced lamb tikka cooked in masala sauce and almond

Lamb Dhansak £10.95

Hot sweet & sour lamb curry cooked with lentils

Lamb Madras £10.95

Fairly hot lamb curry

Lamb Vindaloo £10.95

Very hot lamb curry

Lamb Naga £10.95

Extremely hot lamb curry

Lamb Jalfrezi £10.95

Extremely hot lamb curry, prepared with onions, green chillies and peppers

Keema Peas/Masala £10.50

Minced lamb with peas

Keema Saag £10.50

Minced lamb with spinach

Balti dishes

Cooked in a Balti pan. It has a beautifully delicate flavour. Each dish is cooked with fresh garlic, ginger, green chillies, tomato and coriander

King Prawn Balti £13.95

Lamb Balti £10.95

Chicken/Prawn Balti £9.95

Vegetable Balti £8.00


Boiled Rice £2.95

Pilau Rice £3.50

Fried rice flavoured with spices

Special Fried Rice £5.95

Fried rice with egg and peas

Vegetable Pilau £5.95

Fried rice with vegetables

Tandoori breads

Nan £2.50

Unleavened bread baked in clay oven. Recommended with tandoori chicken

Keema Nan £3.95

Bread stuffed with mince meat

Garlic Nan £2.95

Prepared with garlic and baked in clay oven

Butter Nan £2.95

Baked in clay oven and buttered

Peshwari Nan £3.95

Sweet nan stuffed with raisins, nuts and coconuts

Tandoori Roti £2.50

Wheat flour bread baked in clay oven

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